NEW:  Since March 11th, 2020 when the W.H.O Declared a global pandemic, Appraisals can be performed virtually.   

I have been Appraising Fine Art since 2013.

I am International Society of Appraisers trained with an Accreditation in Fine Art Appraising with Advanced Appraising Methodology courses taken.

Current USPAP 2020-2021 certification.

I specialize in Contemporary, American Art, Western Art, American Indian, and Prints and Photography Collections.  But not limited to these genres of art. 

​Please call me at 830-456-0374to arrange for an appointment to discuss your art appraisal needs. 

I offer complete appraisal services that adhere to all standards under the guidelines of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice ( USPAP).  All written appraisal reports are legal documents. Written reports are prepared for estate tax, division of property, damage claims, insurance purposes and many other intended uses. 

I will determine at our initial consultation a close approximation to how long the process will take. I will go over the scope of work with you and discuss the total project cost estimate.  Once approved, I will submit a letter of agreement that must be signed.


Market Value Reports:  $75/object 

All other Reports for IRS or Insurance purposes begin at $200/hour

Large Collections will be assessed as a total project based on location time, research time, report preparation, and travel expenses. 

One half of the total estimate is required up front to begin and the remainder invoice must be paid upon completion of the reports before the reports can be delivered. 

Contact me at or 830-456-0374  

Fine Art Appraising Services